Small group training


What is a small group training?

Our small group training is a bi-weekly 60 minute high intensity training program where elements of different sports and exercises are combined to create an effective and fun workout with lots of variety and great results. Groups are kept small, maximum of 8, in order to provide individualized attention and greater flexibility. Training takes place outdoors in nature when the weather is good enough, and otherwise in the studio indoors.


Is it something for you?

Small group training is for women of all ages and fitness levels. All workouts can be adapted to fit your individual needs.   You will build a stronger core, gain more energy, greater endurance, a firmer body, and a clearer and happier mind!  


Start today!

 Want to become more active, experience beter health, and lose weight while having fun and creating new, lasting friendships? Join us today!! Your first session is always free. Sign up today and start your journey towards greater health!